Are there any very in depth guide books I could use to help me in card reading?

As someone who’s not very spiritual at all, spiritualism has been an important part of my life for a while now. I know that sounds contradictory, but I grew up around many forms of spiritualism around me, and have therefore pulled many parts of it into my philosophy on life. But out of everything inside spirituality that has engaged me, it has been any form of interpretation.

While I never have believed in any god that would guide my hand, distort the sight I would see in a crystal ball, or align my life towards the stars above, all of it has been extremely powerful for me. It forces me to question and observe aspects of my life I would have never thought to ask, which is why it’s truly so valuable to me.

While I have only made use out of the tarots cards of friends, and not many times either, I recently had an experience with them that is honestly life changing. It made me wonder what other hidden depths and interpretations I could not see from the simple guide I’ve been given, and my ignorance I still live with. I would prefer a physical book, but any resource that would help me further understand what I can not yet see would be greatly appreciated. thanks <3

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