Asked if I should walk away from a connection and pulled : 3 of cups, 7 of swords and the lovers. (My interpretation in the comments). Please don’t judge my situation.

I've been seeing someone who is in an open relationship and while I have a lot of fun with this person, I eventually want a partner of my own. Obviously that is an important factor in itself, but I wanted to know if I should continue to see them casually while dating others or walk away. I've already made my decision to walk away but want to understand the reading completely.

My guess with the three of cups and the seven swords is that there's an obvious heir of dishonesty. Assuming that she (the person I'm seeing) is being dishonest about being open. What's throwing me off here is the lovers.

I know that the lovers for the most part represents soulmates, sometimes choices, so maybe the cards were pushing me to make a choice to stay or go in the situation. Or maybe the person she's officially with is her soulmate? Or vice versa????

This is just my guess but I would love to know if anyone else would have a different perspective/interpretation.

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