asked my deck what divine energies i radiate

forgive me if this is not under the correct flair, but it is a breakdown of 2 cards i pulled earlier. i'm not looking for second opinions, just want to share.

recently i've been having a difficult time coming to grips with the end of a friendship. however, i've been able to fully pour myself and my heart into my passions, doing things that make me happy and furthering my educational and professional goals. i'm incredibly busy, but it's so rewarding. i can see opportunity on the horizon.

anyway, i felt like doing a little 2 card spread, asking my deck "what divine energies do i radiate that will help further my future success?" hope that's grammatically correct lol. but i decided to use the first minor arcana and first major that i pulled. lo and behold, i got the 10 of wands and strength.

to me, these cards really work in conjunction—a suggestion that i might sometimes bite off a little more than i can chew and that i take on a lot of responsibility, but i remain steadfast and persevere. in my own notes i wrote it as "i never let go"—strength in my deck (tarot of the divine by yoshi yoshitani) is depicted through the folk story of tam lin, for anyone who's familiar.

so to me this hit incredibly close to home, especially given that i've been struggling recently and strength is a card very near and dear to me, i've always considered it to be "my card," ya know? always showing up when i need it. a reminder of why tarot is so important as a tool for me.

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