Asked the same question to 5 readers

I didn't know asking the same question multiple times was a bad idea. So, when I heard what I wanted to hear in the first reading, I was excited but a little skeptical. So I tried again with a different reader and got the same result.

So I asked again to 3 different readers to get the "happy hormone" after hearing what I knew would be the answer.

However, the last reading came out to be slightly negative. So I decided to research what to do if a reading comes negative. Then I found out that what I did for fun was actually a bad idea.

To be honest, I asked a question about my manifestation to all the readers. And now I am afraid that since I asked the same question, again and again, I was being "rude" to cards. Maybe this affected the final reading, and now I am afraid that because of this, my manifestation may not come true as I made the cards angry.

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