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This morning I did a daily draw, and I always find it good to announce that "This is a daily draw for today, "date"" before I do the reading (even if it is for me and I am alone – I always ask any question aloud as well before shuffling and drawing). However, today, it was early, I was tired, and I said "Today, July 25" and did the daily draw, and only afterward realized today is the 24th. Now I don't know whether I just did a daily draw for today or tomorrow. So, I did a 3 card draw asking whether this reading was good for today (that the forces that be knew what I meant, even if it is my Higher Self, the cards themselves or some spirit that answers the questions "somehow") and got Q Pents, 7WR and 4W. Today I am expecting to go to my parent's house and visit family. Tomorrow I am going to stay at home and do "whatever" (my work weekend is Sun/Mon).

I am having trouble translating the 3 card draw. QP with 7WR could mean what was a solid read is now up in the air and not solid anymore, but the 4W is a "homecoming" type card and I am not sure which home they might mean. Or it might be describing "Today" (QP may be my mother, 7WR may be uprootiing from my house to go to their house/the visit is obligatory weekly and it is not something I can get out of easily without a really good excuse, so it might be representing that aspect (that I am overpowered/submissing in some way) and the 4W is again being welcomed at home and the community the family lives in. Not sure if I am reading this right.

Also, just curious as to what anyone does when one realizes one had a flaw in the question they were asking – should I just do it over? For those of you who don't believe in a supernatural bent, should I still do it over because I recognized there was an error and now I am "aware" of it, or what does anyone do in this situation?

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