Ballad of the Fool (poem)

I hid in my cave

Walls sculpted in plaster

Never alone

My life owed to my master

There was a temptress

With her words unspoken,

She called to me

And my silence was broken

I was enchanted

My heart had gone ablaze

She set the fire

She then granted me her gaze

I was the fool

She was the magician

She took my hand

And we flew to her vision

I looked in her eyes

And I saw a siren

Lulled by her song

I was pulled to her island

“You live in this castle

But I’m the gatekeeper

You will leave when I choose

And not a day cheaper”

“If this is your castle

It’s a castle of sand

I will walk through these walls

And I’ll conquer this land

You shift and you shout

You act like a trickster

But your roar stops short

At the foot of my whisper”

Spells, incantations,

Spoken by the mystic

She shot her best curse

And knew she wouldn’t miss it

She aimed for the heart

I took that as a sign

I spoke the dark words

And summoned it with a rhyme

It came from the sky

It was something divine

I fell to my knees

It had a glorious shine

A sliver of hope

Fell into my grasp

‘Twas my only chance

Freedom could be mine at last

I held in my hands

A legendary staff

It was strong enough

But had just one spell to cast

The swing of my staff

Changed the course of the fight

I focused my strength

And turned her curse into light

I dealt my best card

And the curse was shattered

But I would soon learn

That I’d crippled the caster

It wasn’t very long when

I went back to my master

“I can give you what you want

If it’s freedom you’re after”

I no longer had shackles

I no longer had a cage

I no longer felt the fear

I no longer felt the rage

I sit in quiet

Not knowing what to do

How is this freedom

When I don’t know what to choose

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