Barbara Walker or Smith-Waite deck?

Hi, I am learning tarot for four months now. I was given the first deck as a present, it was Tarot of the Divine. I appreciate this deck, but it feels too cartoonish for me. I am now ready to get one for myself.

  1. Barbara Walker deck resonates with me in an interesting shadowy way and I feel attracted to it, yet
  2. Smith-Waite seems as a better base to really learn tarot, it feels 'original' and 'right' as for the symbolism and meaning

I am not sure what go for, I am tempted towards Barbara Walker's, but my mind and practical thinking goes for the second.

Maybe somebody has experience with both or Barbara Walker tarot?

I could get both, but I think I'd rather want to take it step by step and not to scatter and overwhelm myself, so I prefer choosing one.


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