Beginner beginner beginner

Like the title says. I am such a beginning and I’m overwhelmed. I just cracked open my deck today (the zenned out journey tarot).

I did some reading, including the book that came with my deck and I had an interview with my deck. But honestly, I don’t really understand what it was saying to me and I don’t really understand how to take any of it especially when I asked it “what was my lesson I learned today”. I have no idea how to understand what card it wants me to pick. I tried to just close my eyes over them and see if that helped but I didn’t overly feel anything to know.

I looked at the resources on this subreddit but there was so much and I honestly don’t even know. I’ve always been scared of them because I don’t want to bring in anything bad or if this is considered black magic or something like that. But I am trying to learn more and new things and improve on myself.

Here is how my interview went…

Tell me about yourself what is your most important characteristic? Four of pentacles

What are your strengths as a deck? The fool

What are your limits as a deck?eight of wands

What are you here to teach me? Seven of wands

How can I beat learn from and collaborate with you? Five of pentacles

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The magician

What was my lesson learned for today? Six of cups

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