Beginner looking for opinion

Hello! I am a beginner and would like a second opinion of cards.

I am planning on moving to a city in a different state and lately when the conversation is brought up to my S/O they shut it down and give vague reasons for not wanting to move. I am set on it and have turned to my cards to make sure this is the right thing to do. I have expressed to my S/O that I can move first, and when they are ready they can move in. This has brought a little peace between us but still a touchy subject to bring up. Below is a list of questions I had in mind. I omitted the city with __ for privacy reasons. I shuffled the cards until some fell from the deck.


Is __ the right move? Ten of Wands , 9 of Cups

Will __ bring happiness? Page of Wands , Page of Pentacles

Should I transfer the current job? Fool , Two of Pentacles , 10 of Wands

Are there more successful opportunities in __? Six of Cups , Two of Swords , Ten of Cups

Am I financially ready to move to __? Three of Wands , Knight of Wands , Seven of Cups , Queen of Wands

Will this move give a sense of freedom? Death , Seven of Pentacles , Eight of Swords , Page of Wands , Two of Swords , Knight of Wands , Chariot

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