Beginner questions and advice.

Hello all.

Beginner here. I started out with sepher yetzirah to get to know the foundations of the system. Then i read chicken qabalah and Quabalistic Tarot followed by the complete book of the RWS tarot.

The main question i have is, do i have the luxury to take my time after a spread in order to consult the books or the whole point is to do the "divination" right after the spread and with a still empty mind? Pausing the whole process in order to check about what different meanings the cards may have seems a bit counterproductive considering the fact that the whole point is to reach your subconsious.

Also any advice on what other books to read? I checked the tarot section of the complete golden dawn system of magic but the multi step system they use seems to be better fit for advanced tarot users.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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