Beginner questions – decks to choose from, RWS, buying in person vs online?

Hi Everyone!

I've been wanting to get a deck to learn and do readings for myself (which I believe I read makes a difference – if the readings will be done on yourself or someone else). Eventually, I'll want to learn to do readings on others, but I am mainly focused on doing it myself. Anyway, I've got a few questions if anyone would be so kind as to answer them!:

  1. I keep seeing RWS decks mentioned. Why is that so widely recommended for beginners?
  2. There was a deck someone sent to me on amazon that I really want (it's just pretty! it's a holographic one) but I'm nervous that buying my first deck online may ruin the potential connection I have with it. Like is it better to go somewhere in person and pick one that I feel a connection with rather than buying one blindly online or does that not make a difference?
  3. If i were to get the deck i saw online, how would i verify if it's similar to RWS? (i read somewhere that a lot of decks are built off of that, so many are very similar and sufficient for beginners even though they're not technically RWS)
  4. do you do any rituals before you pull cards/do a reading? like a meditation, burning some sage, etc. anything that helps to connect with the cards and align your energies? If so, what's your preference/recommendation?


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