Beginner with Tarot Cards. Bought a deck and ready to dig in

Good Day All! I’ve had an interest in Tarot for a long time, but yesterday I actually bought a deck and now own one! I bought the Lo Scarabeo “Vampire” Deck. It was the art that drew me in. I’m interested in pursuing the path of Tarot and learning more.

Two questions:

1) The lady whose store I bought the deck from mentioned that I should pick whatever deck “speaks to me”, and if there was nothing there that does, to wait and come back. Just as she finished chatting with me about this, I spotted the Vampire deck on a top shelf and it caught my eye.

Basic question, but what does the choice of this particular deck mean? Or is there anything to be interpreted from it at all? I believe it is an Oracle Deck.

2) As I am completely new to the concept of Tarot in actual use, where should I start? Meaning, what are some absolute basic things I should know, resources to read, etc. I’m more than happy to read up on things, but the amount of material out there is staggering. Anything general that is helpful that is a “must own”?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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