Book review: Tarot Rituals by Nancy C Antenucci

Nearly 100 Tarot Ceremonies & Spreads to Nourish Your Soul

Improve your connection to spirit, make special occasions more meaningful, and become a better tarot reader with this impressive collection of rituals, spreads, and exercises. Drawing on nearly forty years of experience, Nancy C. Antenucci presents the alchemy of ritual and tarot–a powerful combination that can transform both your divination and life. She guides you through the fundamentals of ritual practice and presents a plethora of group and solitary ceremonies. You'll also learn how to create rituals for yourself and others.

Within these pages, you'll find rituals for giving readings, celebrating events such as holidays, birthdays, and weddings, and more. Use the 22 Acts of Magic template to discover which major arcana card offers the best guidance. Create a strong sense of connection at your gathering with the Icebreaker ritual. Whether you're performing a ceremony for one at the Magician's altar or leading a group like the High Priestess, Tarot Rituals is your key to awakening the magic of the cards.
Tarot Rituals is published by Llewellyn and is available now.

I've found that tarot books all have something different to say. No one approaches tarot in quite the same way, which is one of my favourite things about it. There are so many ways to use and enjoy the cards. This book tends towards the more spiritual side of Tarot, with a lot of emphasis on ritual and connecting with the cards through meditation. There are spreads and rituals for just about every occasion, from big life occasions to everyday to 'I just feel like it'.

I tried to read this front to back, but there's so much in here that I was overwhelmed! I think it's a book better read in small batches, maybe a chapter or part of a chapter each night and then returning to different sections as required. I'm eager to try some of the spreads – there are loads here, some for working with specific cards or suits, some to read for other people, some to try on yourself – everything you can think of!

This doesn't go into the meanings of the cards, so it's not the best book to begin your tarot journey with – or, at least, you might like to get a book of meanings as well, although most of the rituals emphasise using your intuition and choosing your own meanings before looking for the 'official' meanings. Luckily Nancy has thought of that and there's an appendix at the back with plenty of other books to check out on various facets of tarot.

Not a book to speed through, definitely one to take your time over, but very much worth the investment.

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