Brand new Tarot deck owner/user. Tips please!

Title pretty much says it all. After being curious for the longest time, I finally bought my first deck. I’ve tried searching online for beginner tips, but it seems really overwhelming. I didn’t realize there were different pulled card formats (shapes of various crosses?), various numbers of cards that can be pulled, knocking on cards or holding your hand over the cards before pulling, etc.

What I seemed to have gathered from my searching:

  1. Infuse the deck with your energy. Get to know your deck so that it can better communicate with you.

  2. Ask open ended questions, and pull with a purpose.

  3. Memorizing the cards isn’t necessary, but becoming familiar with their meanings is helpful.

I’m open to any and all information or tips. Recommended articles, books, YouTube videos, anything really. Thank you all so much in advance.

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