Burning in the Blood Moon?

Hi all! I have been Reading for about 3 years now and feel pretty confident. I came across the art after my father passed and it has been a good friend since. I am on the autism spectra and spend a lot of time at a community health center. Wondering if I should start charging for my sessions because they’ve become scarily accurate lately.

TDLR: Pisces ♓️ male with high intuitive and emotional intelligence, perhaps too much of it.

The new blood moon on the 15th has me worried 😦. I just did a day by day reading (Mystical Manga Tarot is excellent!) and here is the result: Today: knight of swords (I pretty much commandeered a team project by myself) Wednesday: ten of swords (pretty much going to avoid the crowd for better or worse) Thursday: high priestess (An important advocacy meeting is being held) Friday: queen of swords (more swords!) Saturday: hermit (maybe I’ll stay back during the day) Sunday: wheel of fortune (the passing of the Blood Moon) Monday: 3 of coins (I’m presenting a third, hopefully final, project about Education supports to my community)

Anyone else have thoughts about Sunday?

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