Called out on my bullshit~

Deck: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot by Minerva Siegel/Abigail Larson

After seeing the post by u/InTheseBoness, I just had to try asking to be called out on my bullshit. 😂

FIRST THOUGHT❤️The Problem: ✨Ace of Presents✨ – I'm uncertain about the opportunities I'm given. There are areas in life where I don't know specifically what I want.

💙The Lie: ✨II of Potions & Page of Presents✨ – I act like I like something and I'm excited about it, but really the effort isn't fun and I'm uncertain. This means that most activities I enjoy, I only do them for small spurts of time. I like the outcomes, but I don't have the passion for most of it. This feels like a lie yet not. lol That's because of my mixed feelings about each hobby.

💜The Truth: ✨V of Needles✨ – The truth is that I feel defeated and I'm tired of it. Struggling to find something you're truly passionate for is a rough ride.

🧡The Solution: ✨King of Candles & IX of Potions✨ – Just be my true self and do what I really love. Eventually, I'll run across something I'm super passionate about. I just have to keep trying and move on when I'm no longer enjoying myself.

SECOND THOUGHT❤️The Problem: ✨Ace of Presents✨ – I'm easily frightened.

💙The Lie: ✨II of Potions & Page of Presents✨ – It seems like I enjoy being scared because I love content like Horror movies and dark themes.

💜The Truth: ✨V of Needles✨ – I handle it poorly and will often cry or react angrily.

🧡The Solution: ✨King of Candles & IX of Potions✨ – I'd love to scare them first! >:DD

THIRD THOUGHT❤️The Problem: ✨Ace of Presents✨ – I like strange/creepy things. lol

💙The Lie: ✨II of Potions & Page of Presents✨ – I have strange/creepy ideas that I believe others may like.

💜The Truth: ✨V of Needles✨ – People never seem to.

🧡The Solution: ✨King of Candles & IX of Potions✨ – Keep calm and carry on. 😂😂😂

If you can pull anything else, I'm curious as hell! 😆✨

Edit: Candles = Wands | Potions = Cups | Presents = Pentacles | Needles = Swords

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