Can a bad mental state/lack of meditation cause a skewed pull?

Turned to my deck yesterday after a bad day/some much needed clarity. However, I was anxious and antsy and kind of in a rush (i know i know ugh) and I didn't really meditate/cleanse my mind before asking. Usually I shuffle until cards pop out, but yesterday this wasn't happening. So i re-asked, and re-shuffled, and pulled them myself from a spread.

Basically all the cards I pulled kind of confirmed my worst fears. I didn't really gain any clarity at all, and it's been bugging me/causing nightmares.

I know there is no "bad" cards, but is lack of concentration before hand basically ASKING for trouble when it comes to Tarot, or does it not really matter to you? (IE, do you believe in the Divine giving you answers you might not want regardless of your mental state.)

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