Can I read a pip deck with RSW method?

Hi! VERY new to tarot here:

I bought the historical Ancient Italian (Soprafino I think?) as my first tarot deck because I was drawn to the artwork, but now I realize it’s a pip deck and therefore slightly different than the RWS that most people recommend starting with to learn tarot.

I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with these cards, but would like something a little more narrative than the short list of descriptive words in the companion booklet.

I downloaded the RWS app and really enjoy the descriptions — they help me notice the details and I find myself making a deeper connection to the cards.

Can I use the RWS app as my reference book when doing readings with my historical deck? If so, how should I read the pips? Or would this method be like putting a round peg in a square hole?

Or should I just buy a RW deck and learn from those, and come back to my historical deck once I have a stronger tarot intuition? I’d rather not abandon my historical deck because the cards are so beautiful, but my main priority is deepening my connection with tarot.

Any advice is appreciated!! ❤️

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