can multiple readings change the results?

Hello everyone.

I would love to get some advice. I got multiple readings from different persons(plus from myself too) for some important topic (topic 1) to me and the results were quite positiv. Today I wanted to do it again cause I had no rest somehow. Then I heard that it can change the outcome when you do multiple readings on the same topic cause you are questioning the results and the universe notice that and so it can't find it's way to the person questioning it. So I asked her something different(topic 2) It came something out which might be caused of a negative result from topic 1.

Now I am very afraid that my multiple questioning might have caused a change (from a positive to a negative outcome). Is this possible? I am so scared cause it has something to do with my exams soon.

I would really appreciate some advice from you. Ps. I am very sorry for grammar mistakes:( english is not my first language

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