Can the Two of Cups represent self-love?

So I couldn't recall the Shadowscapes' "Dream Come True" spread (and I didn't think to Google exactly that) so I ended up with a 9 card Manifestation Spread.

Well, what I was trying to manifest was the will to work towards a physically healthy (cuz fit just requires entirely too much of a commitment for my current state) body. And for card 1, which should have been my first warning since I already know what I'm dreaming of, is " What am I dreaming of?"

Essentially, I'm not quite sure if my deck is answering my intended goal or if it's showing me something else I should work on manifesting.

Should I be interpreting the other 8 cards through the lens of self – love/self – care or through the lens of interpersonal love?

I was thinking of just doing both (cuz why not) but I really am curious about the Two of Cups and if it can represent love for the self.

Edit: Thank you for the help!!! Also also, I wasn't sure if I should have posted this as a discussion or interpretation help…sorry sorry!!!

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