Cancer New Moon Reading: Justice Reversed got me crying

Hi! I did a New Moon in Cancer reading for myself using @SeedsOfShakti tarot spread. One of the prompts was “What blockages are impeding me from expressing self-love?” and I pulled Justice reversed.

I cannot help but think this was a direct reference to the recent SCOTUS rulings here in the US. Of course, the gutting of our Miranda rights and the “right” to lead students in prayer in school, but I’m mainly thinking of the overturning of Roe V. Wade. I feel so strongly that a major, catastrophic blow has been dealt and will continue to fester in the states. It’s so hard to feel self-love right now when your body isn’t even yours to control. This is repressive and regressive control. Morals have been compromised, yet the world cheers on. These are the negative ideas blocking advancement… It’s not all without hope, but goddamn this pull was just a little too spot on 🙁

This New Moon is all happening in my 11H astrologically, so I’m gonna channel this into activism and community engagement, but right now I’m wallowing and hurt.

Thanks for reading 🤍

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