Candle Blew Itself Out During Practice

Hi, I am still fairly new to tarot readings and I've been doing a "learn by doing approach" to tarot. I have two decks, some crystals, tea candles I use for other readings, and a large white candle for myself. I don't know much about tarot, but I was told you do need a degree of protection while you do it. For me, it is burning white candles while I do a reading.

Lately, I've been feeling burnt out from life events, so I usually try to avoid touching my deck in case my state somehow affects or influences it. However, tonight I felt pretty good and felt I should look into my deck again. I didn't have any questions in mind, but I felt like going through it and practicing a little. So, I organized it, picked out a crystal to sit on top of it (Labradorite), and lit my large candle.

I finally settled into my chair, grabbed my deck, then closed my eyes to start some positive affirmations. I pictured my deck covered in light and was about to speak my affirmations when I suddenly heard a loud "POP" in front of me. I open my eyes and the next thing I know my candle is no longer burning and there is white smoke wafting up from it.

It wasn't even burning for that long. Two to five minutes at most. Honestly kind of freaked me out to the point where I said, "Okay, maybe another night" before putting them back into their box. I tried looking up what this means, but I don't really have a clear answer.

Does anyone know what this means? Also, if you have any advice on cleansing or protecting oneself during a reading, I would like to hear it because this was a bizarre experience for me.

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