Card answering unasked question?

Hey all 🙂 I’ve kind of asked this question before here. But this time I’m so amazed by the card I pulled that I just have to specify it all again.

I was wondering if a card you pull may be saying more than what you asked for.

I shuffled my cards, and simply asked what I feel about a certain person. Pulled the Tower and laughed. Tarot never misses.

I interpreted this card as me feeling shaken up, being used to getting my way but not this time (the crown being thrown off by the lightning). My ego being hurt, my opinion of myself that I can get whatever/whoever I want being questioned.

Decided to do a quick google search, just to be sure. First thing that pops up is “The Tower can appear in a Tarot reading as a feeling to indicate that the person you’re interested in will never have romantic feelings for you.”

Now this hit a bit too close to home, because the person I was asking about is indeed someone I am interested in, but I’ve been getting ignored by (after something happened between us).

Since I was asking about what I feel about them, and not what THEY feel about me, should I then ignore this interpretation and only look at my own?

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