Cards losing its power

It might sound farfetched and many people may not believe it but I thought I would share an interesting experience with my first tarot deck.

There was nothing really special about that deck. It was a retail set bought from a franchise bookstore that no longer exists due to bankruptcy. Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck. I bought it because I was interested and wanted to learn. By the time of the incident I am about to talk about, I had used that deck for roughly 4 years and even though I just used the basic reading system given on the instruction manual, I did it pretty well and actually got oddly accurate readings. Actually predicted stuff like a friend's business failing, a colleague getting injured, etc.

So for this one guy, while I was in the army, asked if I could do a reading for him and since I had nothing else to do, I agreed. The conversation was very clear but I no longer could remember the cards I drew because it was more than 10 years ago.

Me: *Draw card* It says you will be expecting a new member to your household soon. You welcoming a wife or expecting a kid?

Guy: *stunned* Yes, my wife is expecting. (I did not know he was married.)

Me: Looks to be a girl.

Guy: *shocked* … Yes…

Realizing the guy's change in attitude became serious, I put more attention on the read as I was doing it half-hearted at the time.

Me: *draws a bad card and grimaces* It does not look good. You future shows a lot of hardships, especially to your relationship.

Guy gets quiet for a long time before he tells me that his wife was having complications with the pregnancy. She was also a little sickly and they had already lost one child due to miscarriage. So the combination of his wife's weak health on top of the stress they were facing from their last miscarriage, things are going south very quickly. The wife even had to be admitted to the hospital earlier than expected.

The guy then begged me, LITERALLY begged me, if there was anything I can do to help. He had already gone to counselling, religious aid, spending more time with her but nothing was working and he was barely holding on.

I do not know why I did what I did, nothing ever told me that it would be of any help. I considered his words carefully before I pulled out the Chariot card and passed it to him. Told him what the card represented. Overcoming hardships, victory and willpower. I passed it to him and told him to keep this in his wife's hospital room and to always make sure that it is kept upright. He did so and I left it at that. With a missing card and could not do any more readings but I thought it was a worthy sacrifice.

A month later the guy came back and announced that he is now a proud father of a healthy baby daughter. He later also told me that the labor was pretty long and it was almost touch and go at one stage but the wife was able to pull through enough for one last push. It also looked like being able to hold her baby helped her with some of her past trauma and was beginning to heal and get better psychologically. He then returned me the Chariot card, and thanked me. I just congratulated him and told him this was all him and his wife's hard work that brought him success, the card just helped him to focus on it. I do not think he believed that but he politely left it at that.

After that 2 strange things happened to my tarot deck. My readings actually was no longer accurate no matter how much I tried. I did not use another deck because the thought honestly never crossed my mind. Also, my Chariot card always seem to go missing and I would have to actively look for it. I gave up trying to look for it after the umpteenth time and now have a box of tarot with one card missing stashed away until I moved recently and thought of the story.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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