celtic cross reading help for intermediate/med?

been doing tarot for a couple of years, but i find it hard to extract or see details when i see certain cards.

recently, i asked how i can come into my own sexual/ sensual being and


given the numbers above

my reading looks like

1, 3 of swords

2, king of cups

3, emperor

4, three of pentacles

5, 7 of wands

6, temperance

7, knight of wands

8, queen of wands

9, 9 of swords

10, 3 of cups

while i can generally understand certain themes — that maybe i'm learning to come into my own "man", that this kind of journey comes with moderation, that there are court cards in my life who will be prevalent in this journey, and that the outcome alludes to "cheers"-ing (three of cups), i still find it very hard to ascertain details.

i'm used to thinking (at least in my readings to myself) abstractly, but do want to read more details, strategy when doing these.

any interpretation or assistance would be appreciated !

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