Chatty deck

So, I haven’t picked up my cards in about a month. They’re chatty and can get, in my humble opinion, pretty lippy. Which I love/hate. Anyways, as I’m walking away from their location I’m shuffling and thinking of the person I want to read and a card jumps out of the deck. Death. I pull 2 more cards 2 of wands and wheel of time. Interesting. I shuffle them back in because I wanted to do a real intentional reading sitting and focusing…I toss the cards onto my couch where I’m gonna read and 3 cards all pop out face up. Death, the page of wands and wheel of time. Guys I SHUFFLED THEM INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE DECK.

Ok, ok, I hear you. Anyone else have similar experiences? I’d leave to hear them. Also, if anyone wants to interpret these cards as I never even gave them a place holder or anything of the sort, I would not be opposed to opinions.

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