Choosing your deck(s)?

How do y’all like to choose your deck? Is there anything specific that turns you on or off to a deck?

Do you believe the decks themselves hold any power or can they ever have energy that can’t be cleansed?

I’m interested in discussion! (Distract me from not having the deck I feel I need haha)

I’m curious because I am pretty new, and I have one deck that I got at Joanns fabrics, so I could use it immediately. It’s called Mystical Medleys. I like it but I feel like it’s not fully ME, if that makes sense. I really like the idea of having art that speaks to you the most.

I had already ordered another deck, which I actually didn’t realize was on pre-order. The artists website is confusing as all get out, and they only said that it’s a pre-order on the FAQ page so I realized a few days later while thinking “I wonder why I didn’t get a shipping email yet?”

When I realized it wasn’t out yet, there was only like four or five days til the release, no big deal. BUT that date was a week ago, and it still hasn’t shipped. I emailed the artist and she said she needed more info to find the order (I emailed from the wrong address my bad) so I told her the correct info and now no response.

TLDR; maybe the deck I am waiting for isn’t really the perfect deck for me? I know having to bang down the doors of the artists inbox doesn’t feel good.

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