chuthulu deck

I recently got a new deck from an old work friend he never used them and he was talking to me about it after I brought my nightmare before Christmas deck into work to read for some friends. I asked him how much a person would have to pay him to take them off his hands since he only got them cuz he liked the way they looked and I thought it was a shame considering that he had never used them at all and he said he would just give them to me. I was like wow!! Wut the world the cards are absolutely gorgeous they are black with silver rimming the outer edges of the cards my night mare before Christmas deck is also beautiful but are slightly hard for me to shuffle cuz of how big they are my chuthulu deck is a bit smaller which is nice I'll have to post a pic of them one of these days they are hauntingly gorgeous and simple beautiful till I take a good picture of them that way Incase anyone would like to see them they can but it will be in a later post till then .

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