The Cards Have Eyes…

Hey friends

This morning I (20f) asked my deck if I could ask a question about a man in my life and The lovers jumped out of the deck….

The middle row is a representation of me, us and him and the bottom row is past, present and future of the situation.

I think it's worth noting that the other reading I've done about him came up with him as the hanged man and that the 10 of cups is my favourite and most positive card. Also, all of these cards just came out of the deck for me. I feel like I'm being naive and overly optimistic with this reading though.

Please let me know if this post breaks rules and I'll delete it.

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Afraid to tarot? Asking for your guidance.

Hi! I have an honest question and I hope your wonderful community can help. My astrology chart says i have a great energy sense and an affinity towards the mystic. Although I want to get in tarot, but I am scared. I have a religious background, so a part of me is telling me this is playing with fate and spirits conjuring which is not ok. Another part acknowledges God as a great overseeing omnipotent energy and not a bearded man in the clouds. So my fear is not from a silly "witches go to hell" way. I am afraid, because I tend to see things in the dark. I often get goose bumps and feeling of creepy forebodding lurkiness. I sometimes imagine/see things, and they sometimes look back and even bolt at me or taunt me. My nightmares are realistic and I honestly get paralyzed in dark places and I sleep with night lights on at all times. Not only that, but I sometimes can cause misfrotune on others with a glance, I can do it at will or spontaneously. I dream vividly and I get dejavus on the daily, to the point that I mistake real life events, I feel I have lived several lives due to my dreams already. I think it is in my nature to unravel the veil between our world and other worlds or sources of energy. My fear that tarot might encourage darker energy or souls of ganging up on me. My religion actually helps in warding the bad stuff a lot usually, but what if I piss off God and the good guys, and they forsake me and Im left vulnerable? Im super interested in tarot. And i just got the wild unknown deck, i opened it, had a heart to heart conversation with it, I explained my situation frankly, and told it my fears and that I want a relationship with it based on friendship and good energy, with God's blessing. No funny business, or neither of us will have a happy ending. I asked it for an answer if it is on board with my terms, and it gave me the judgement card. . . What does this mean?? Is it more of: if you do this you are screwed? Or more of: you need to rise up above your shackles toward freedom? I asked it to elaborate and it gave me the sun and death. Which can be opportunities of new freedoms will bring strength and warmth and tides of transformations. Or it can mean repent to the light or your end will suit your deeds. I love your subreddit and your community, and this is not a take on tarot in general, just in my specific case. Can you guys help in guidance?

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Tarots are telling me that my ex is coming back but he made it clear that he wants nothing to do with me

The title says it all. I'm sort of confused and overwhelmed by what my cards are telling me. I'm sort of a beginner at tarots so I'm probably going to need guidance here. So, once in a while, I'd ask a question on when I'm ready for a relationship, what's my next SO going to be like. My cards would talk about my ex coming back. Which baffles me. When he broke up with me, he was really mean, he especially made it clear that there will be no second chance for us. He was really serious about it too. So why would the cards indicate he would come back?

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