What are the essential cards?

I'm making my own tarot cards and wondering what cards I need? So far I've got the fool, death, the empress, the lovers, the star, the tower, wheel of fortune, the hanged man, judgement, strength, four of cups, ten of swords, ace of pentacles, six of cups, seven of wands, two of swords, page of wands, knight of wands (x2) and queen of wands. Appreciate any help!

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Intermediate Tarot Readers- What book have you learned the most from and how so?

I have dozens of books downloaded about Tarot and I find that most of them are somewhat basic (information wise) and just include traditional card meanings.

I recently read ‘The Power of Tarot’ by Liz Worth and it was my favorite, most insightful, unique approach to tarot that I have come across so far. I just read the first chapter of ‘Tarot: No Questions Asked – The Art of Intuitive Reading’ by Theresa Reed, and that seems awesome. If anybody has read those books, I would love to know if anybody has found anything similar.

Anyway, what are your book recommendations? What have you learned the most from and which books may have transformed the way you approach tarot or that you feel made you a better reader?


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I’m a sceptical person who enjoys tarot cards for the art part. Help me with some counterarguments please !

Hi everyone !

I've been a tarot art enthusiast for a while, but mainly because of its symbolic and how artists give meaning to the cards in their own ways which is fascinating. I've always liked symbolism and mystical art. This said, I am quite the "rational" type of person so I've never actually really used them as a tool. I tried to a few times just to see what would happen (plus I get most of the card's meanings) but I've found myself stopped by mainly three arguments that I listed below (after a few tries and some reflection). I would love someone to help me on those or tell me what your points are since I would very much want to actually get it myself 🙂 Thank you so much for your help <3

  • Since cards are randomly drawn, it's completely possible to have two very different or unmatching draws to two very close questions (or a question and a follow-up). Also, if you ask about a situation in day one, and ask about the same situation one week later, answers can dramatically vary while the situation is exactly the same.
  • Interpretations are too broad. I mean, if you ask yourself if you have chances winning a competition, and you stumble upon a very negative card in this regard (think like 5 of cups), you may think you won't win – but somehow in the end you will, it's just that you'll loose your interest for the sport / activity the process, which was supposedly to be somehow understood. Since inteptetations are broad, it's extremely easy to see afterwards what meaning you could actually give to that broad card you got last week to prove yourself it worked.
  • if tarot could be used as a divination tool, people would know what to invest in or which job to seek or which lottery game to play a very efficient way .

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who else finally got their wild unknown ALCHEMY deck delivered??! #deckreview

It's been a long wait but it's finally here! The fourth and the final piece of the wild unknown collection.
As a fan of Kim Krans, I'm super excited to get to know these cards!!!
Obviously it'll take some time to study each card, but my first impression is that it's another GORGEOUS deck. Reminds me of the archetypes deck too.
Unboxing & first impression video here!

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Asked what should I know about a person and pulled strength and 7 of cups?

Alright, so I asked my deck “what should I know about ___?”

Strength and 7 of cups came out.

Strength; This person is self-determined, passionate, and self reliant. This person is also a Leo which matches up with this card

7 of cups; This person may have a lot of options? Or maybe they love having options? This card was the one I needed most help with.

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Death and tower. Is this really bad?

I asked how does ___ feel about me? Ace of cups, Ace of wands, Page of cups, death, tower, 4 of wands, 5 of cups.

Interpretation; Ace of wands- Very sexual energy here, At the very least, I think this is a heavily sexually driven relationship.

Tower; I don’t think it’s a very lasting relationship, however. With the tower, I feel like it’s built on a rocky foundation.

Page of Relationship is still in its crush phase, as we haven’t known each other for a while.

4 of wands; I think if I decide to pursue them, I may get the sex-wishes over and done with 4 of wands, but 5 of cups; someone is going to be really badly heartbroken with 5c.

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Guides keep prompting me to draw for someone else and NOT share??

It’s the same person. A new, dear friend of mine. I don’t normally do readings for other people, so it’s not a practice. I only draw for others when prompted and I will usually then let the person know I did a draw for them and ask if they are interested in the results and my interpretation.

Except in this case my spirit guides are constantly prompting me to draw for this person and constantly telling me NOT to share the draw. And I don’t understand why that would be?

I’ve even had dreams for this person – like messages for them. Only one of which I’ve been prompted to share with them at 3am.

I’m just trying to understand why I’m being inundated with all these messages for and about them if I’m not meant to pass them along… 😖

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Zillich Tarot and Thoth

I'm working my way through the Zillich tarot deck, and only have the LWB for reference.

I've read that the Zillich tarot is "Thoth Inspired". My question is How Closely does the Zillich deck follow Thoth tarot?

I've gotten e-samples of various Thoth books from Amazon, and it's a weighty subject. I'd hate to plod through a thoth guide only to learn Zillich is very lightly Thoth inspired.

Thanks for your input!

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Help! The same 2 cards keep showing up in the same place and I’m not sure where to go with it.

It's happened three days straight now. The readings were:

Day 1: 10 Wands, 8 Swords , 8 Pentacles

Day 2: 10 Wands, 8 Swords, Ace Cups (Confirmation Card: Temperance)

Day 3: 10 Wands, 8 Swords, Temperance (Confirmation Card: Emperor)

I was using the cards to ask what my current situation is, the problem and solution. The confirmation cards were from a different deck (it's like a second opinion).

I feel like my cards are telling me I'm trying to hard on focusing myself but I feel like there is something missing in my viewpoint. Or am I thinking too hard about thinking too hard?

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