Start up your own  Business In A Box with Clarity and total support from us. You most likely will be the ONLY person in your area that is a Certified Clarity Facilitator. Charge anything you want for your readings then make a profit on selling your clients Clarity.
We want to make sure Clarity Business in a Box is right for you, please book a call if you haven't first!
If there are no times suitable for your time frame email me with 3 suggested times including what country and where in the country you are so we can talk.
Option 1. Chose Three payments over 3 months, you will have already spoken to me.

Option 2. Chose Pay in full for the discounted price, you will have already spoken to me.
Clarity Business In A Box
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Clarity Facilitators Application

By requesting to become a Clarity Facilitator & Re Seller you agree to sell Clarity for a minimum price of $59.95au plus postage.
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Money Back Guarantee
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Here's What You'll Receive IMMEDIATELY...
  • 26 Sets of Clarity Cards [Value $1688.70]
  • One Full day of training [may be delivered in video or over 2,3,or 4 sessions] [$995 Value]
  • Postage anywhere in the world [$195 Value]
  • To qualify you must give Kerrie Mercel a 30 minute reading to receive:
  • Certificate of Recognition after you have completed a 30 minute reading [$250 Value]
  • Star of Recognition to go on your Clarity Reading board [$19.95 Value]
  • Badge of  Recognition to wear when reading [$19.95 Value]
  • 1 Year hosting of your affiliate site [free next year if you sell 1 box per month or the cost will be $40 per month for site and hosting]
  • Setup off your website & webinar site [$990 Value]
  •  4 of your own Free Clarity webinars [$3980 Value per year] I will co-host until you get the hang of it
  • Images, text & promotional material for advertising
  • Authorised Facebook Clarity Club Expert Reader
  • Quality Clarity Business support webinars on demand [$995 Value]
  • Clarity Business Resource Guide [$99 Value]
Here's What,s Included in Clarity ...
  • Clarity Card & Board set [postage is not included]
  • 54 Flow Cards
  •  36 Clarity Cards
  • Clarity Board
  • Clarity Box 
  • Clarity Instructions
  •  For ages of 12 & above
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