The next set of private Clarity Readings start this month! 
 Reveal Your Future, Release Baggage From The Past, & Receive Answers To Your Questions. Have A Brand New Clarity Reading TODAY!
Normally a Clarity with Kez session costs $500 and takes between 1 and 2 hours. As an introductory offer Clarity With Kez is ONLY
$250 including GST

KERRIE MERCEL creator, facilitator & publisher of Clarity

For a limited time ONLY is facilitating guaranteed Clarity Readings. If you don't think the reading was worth what you paid, ask for a full refund at the end of the reading .
Jill Giving A Clarity Card Reading Testimonial
 Finally live the life of your dreams, allow love to flow into your world & welcome untold abundance that you already welcome!
 Why you can now receive answers to your questions by automatically connecting to your consciousness.
 How to turn your life around regardless of what you believe is happening now by using a simplicity to change your life!

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Please leave a little time after the 60minutes booked as we may go overtime.
Clarity Reading Designed Just For YOU! Feel better, be & be & be the perfect being you are.

Kerrie Mercel

Speaker, coach, author, educator & conscious business leader.
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