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Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Abundance Live Event!
Start your year with the most inspirational  LIVE EVENT in 2019. You will think & talk about "Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Abundance" ALL year long!
BRISBANE: LIMITED ONLY 30 Places Available, Book NOW
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Saturday 19th January, 2019

9.15 am Registration
Golf Course Dr, Meadowbrook QLD 4131, SE Qld
9.30 am Start 1.30 pm Finish
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Upon Completion of This Registration You Will Be Taken To A Thank You Page. If You Are Unable To Attend This Event Please Let Us Know As Soon As You Can So We Can Give Your Ticket To Someone Else. Spaces Are Limited to 30 people per event! 
Date: 6th November 2018
From the desk of: Kerrie Mercel
  • Have you ever been lied to...
  •  or Cheated On?
  •  Abused or yelled at?
  •  Do you constantly listen to negative mind talk that creates anxiety attack symptoms?
  •  Is the lack of abundance & money restricting what you love to do? 
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Would you allow releasing your pain. Letting go of symptoms of severe anxiety. Freeing any feelings that are making you feel bad, sad, angry or frustrated in a fast, no frills way?  Are you interested in changing the way you deal with any situation in your life?  Finding out your reasons for anxiety?

What if I could show you a 3 minute tool that you could use to calm you down the next time the kids are screams, a car cuts you off or your partner is making demands?
Sometimes life is just one challenge after another. The challenge is not the issue of course, it's the way we react to the challenge that is. 

If you become frustrated or angry you can just bet the universe will just keep pressing that button until you either die or realise the way you are reacting is keeping you stuck. Preventing great abundance from flooding into your life.
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Do you want healthy, fun, dynamic relationships? 
anxiety attack symtoms
How do you relate to money, wealth & finances?
wealth abundance
Do you have enough fun and want to travel more?
How to love your partner even more.
Why is your partner is driving you crazy!
Why focusing on yourself can help in relationships.
Wealth & Investments
Why aren't my investments working?
How  to create wealth and abundance.
How to make more money, spend less and be happier?
Fun & Travel
Does criticism make you cringe?
Grumpy, tired, stressed? 
Come and let go it's time for fun!
What is stopping you from fun?
At the Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Abundance Event gives you a gift to take home:
“A get out of jail free card” unlike Monopoly you get to use this card over and over again.

You will release blocked emotions that are keeping you stuck & holding you back .
reasons for anxiety
You will connect to your consciousnesses & answer questions you have been longing to know the answer too.
Don't you owe it to your kids, your partner, friends and family to be fun, calm, loving, supportive and the very best that you can be? 

You see I grew up in an dysfunctional family riddled with mental illness. It's taken me 50 years to find the secret to letting go of the past and living in the now.  I'm committed to showing as many people as I can how easy it is to be cool, calm and collected in a no frills way. Frugal abundance was how I was living.
symptoms of severe anxiety
Do you love what you do to create income for yourself and your family?
reasons for anxiety
Are you struggling with your weight? 
cosmic abundance
Is your health and happiness part of your every day program?
Work & Business
How to generate new money by letting go of old beliefs. Create passion & really love your work. Finding your work/life balance and what is important to you.
Health & Fitness
How to let go of pain and suffering?
Why you eat the whole block of chocolate? I hate going to the gym, even putting my runners on nearly makes me sick.
Spiritual & Emotional
What is stopping you from loving you?
Accessing your heart desire.
Letting go or old baggage.
At this super fun Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Abundance event you will discover:
  • Discover how to solve your own challenges easily and quickly
  •  Hang out with really cool people and meet like minded, motivated, enthusiastic thought leaders who are travelling a similar path? 
  • Receive all the tools & techniques you need to change your life 
  •  What to do to remove the dross that is holding you back so you can start filling your life with the flow of abundance
  •  How to let go of anger, anxiety, depression and frustration
  •  Connect to your intuition to find your own answers
  •  How to stop experiencing a world with anxiety and start really living
  •  An easy way to unlock your money blocks... & experience success with confidence.
  • Why “wanting” is working against you
  •  And finally fall in love with YOU
  •  How helping others will change your life.
  •  Why affirmations have not worked for you in the past and what to do now
  •  Discover how to release old emotions that are effecting your present
  •  Learn a brand new life changing technique that you can even share with the kids
So it's your time right here right now. Tap into the secret power of your subconscious to attract wealth and abundance effortlessly... almost overnight by harnessing your wealth & abundance magnet.
Money Back Guarantee:
By now you are most likely thinking this may be too good to be true. That's why we want to take all the risk by offering you a money back guarantee.
If for any reason you think that you didn't receive value for money. At the end of the event ask for a refund. 

Yes we will want to know why because we want to improve our workshops however there will be no issue and we will refund you the way you have paid within 7 days.
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We have limited numbers so you will need to book early 
for the early bird discount and to grab a seat.
What you won't learn:
1. How to high 5 and hug people in the room [you can if you want to] 
2. How to make a vision board
3. How to meditate
4. How to use NLP & Hypnosis
5. How to use EFT or tapping techniques
World First & Exclusive:
That's right, this is the only place in the world this workshop is run. It's going overseas next year so why don't you jump on this moving train and be proud to say you were one of the first people to come aboard.
This product is proudly presented, designed & created by Kerrie Mercel
The Author of "Degrees Of Disgusting" & “There Are Sharks Swimming in the Property Pool”. 

Creator, designer, distributor & publisher of "Clarity". Facilitator & creator of "The Money Game"
Kerrie Mercel
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