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 Are you a business or life coach or someone who helps people to achieve their goals in life or in business?
If this is you, do you sometimes find it hard to 'connect' with some clients? If you do, then Clarity Cards may be the tool you are looking for.

We'll show you how to have your clients open their hearts & tell you what's going on in a non threatening way...
  • Create the perfect platform for your clients to open up
  •  Find out answers even your clients didn't realise
  • Show them how they can move forward
  •  Build an amazing connection making you the expert fundamental to their growth
  •  Provide a user friendly technique that helps them in their day to day business
Heather Thompson from 4 Seasons of New York House Wives with Clarity!
 What are Clarity Cards?
Based closely on the Sedona Method, Clarity Cards are a set of cards (and a board) which help one person to guide another through a set of questions, in turn enabling that person to think honestly about the real answers to those questions and through this process, themselves gain clarity on what it is they should do/the course of action they should take.
Although the concept is deceptively simple, it is a very powerful tool, something that can help people who are in some way blocked from full participation in a normal one-on-one consultation.

The Sedona Method, incorporated in the best selling book and movie 'The Secret', has been used successfully by thousands of people to help them remove the blocks in their lives, both business and personal.

Someone going through a Clarity Cards session will...
  •  Let go of thoughts, emotions and feelings that are holding them back
  •   Be able to access different approaches to difficult problems 
  •   Find answers to questions that they had not been able to find before 
  •    Learn a technique they can apply at any time to help them in their day-to-day life or business 
  •   See how they can move forward in business or life
See how people have benefited from Clarity Card sessions, check out these testimonials...
Clarity Cards were developed and launched in 2018 by Kerrie Mercel.

Kerrie is an author, coach and speaker, with a 29 year career spanning IT services, property development and running a diving school. In her property development career, she won the Your Property Magazine Renovator of the Year in 2009.

Kerrie explains the thinking behind Clarity Cards...

“By the age of seven we have already accumulated around 70% of the thoughts and feelings we will carry into adulthood. I designed Clarity Cards based on the Sedona Method, to help people by giving them some insight and guidance sourced from within themselves, and in the process allow them to make better life choices. 

The cards do this by helping people dive deep into their emotional baggage and release emotions that are keeping them stuck, unhappy and unable to move forward.”
The Power To Live Life On Your Terms Webinar which includes how Clarity came about & 6 different stories on how it has changed peoples lives for the better. Grab a coffee 59 mins long.
A Clarity Cards set includes...
  • 54 flow cards
  •  36 clarity cards 
  •  Full Colour Board 
  •  Printed instruction sheet 
  •  Instructional video
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