Coincidence or just accurate?

Two weeks ago or so I did a reading as to why my favorite band disbanded. (I’m not sure on ethics and all that since I just started getting into tarot these past few months but I believe as long as it not harming anyone it should be ok, also I am aware tarot is not a end all be all sort.) Regardless I wanted to try my hand at it, see if I could gain some insight outside of all the theories.

I pulled the energies of the band mates (was incredibly accurate.) Unfortunately it seemed as if it kept reinstating the theories (mainly one member was too domineering and wanted things her way and the other had enough after so long so being in the other’s shadow and she wanted to go her own way- no deep secrets/drama or anything)

I then later asked my deck if reconciliation was possible and if the band could/would make a comeback and perform together or have a reunion. Tarot said it could be possible since again it’s not set in stone. At least 2-3 weeks past, I get back from vacation and earlier today I was scrolling on YouTube, then I see a post from the band’s YouTube channel (which I don’t think I follow to being with so I’m not sure why it popped up on my feed) that they will be headlining at a event and basically be the main attraction. I have no idea if this was a form of manifestation on my behalf, a coincidence or just my reading being accurate. Thoughts?

(Again, I’m a very new reader here and I am just wondering if this has to do with my reading being accurate if it really is just a coincidence)

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