Communication w/Devil through Tarot

Has anyone had the devil establish a line of communication with them through their deck?

Tonight, I was doing reading with the traditional Rider-Waithe deck. Sometimes before the reading, I ask Spirit to confirm they are “present” or listening. I normally receive a response through 44, 444, or 111 (111 is how Spirit responds “yes” to me). This night, I received the response 111 (3 of Wands), and the devil card. I thought, that’s weird as I normally receive the previously mentioned cards and messages. I removed the cards and I asked:

“Is this the devil?” I received the response 111 (3 of Cups). I removed the card and asked again, as I was in disbelief. The response I received was the devil card—again.

I did this over and over receiving the same response, no other cards. 111 and the devil card.

Should I cleanse my deck? I don’t want to communicate with the devil or an energy presenting itself as the devil?

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