Compatibility Spread (new relationship)

Deck: RWS

I’m pretty new to tarot so I’d like some help with interpreting this. I used an app to help with the meanings of the card positions in the spread.

What do I want from the relationship? The Emperor – stability, structure, a figure to rely on

What are they seeking from the relationship? Death (reversed) – to embrace change, release the past and surrender to the present. Also indicates personal transformation and spiritual growth

How do we differ? What aspects of life do we disagree on? Not necessarily incompatibility, but an aspect we can push each other to grow. Ace of Cups – representative of new relationships and love. Invitation to open your heart and embrace love.

How are we similar? What aspects of life are we in harmony about? What parts of ourselves do we understand about one another? The Magician – life goals and commitment. We strive for the same outcomes.

How does this relationship work on an emotional level? How do we make each other feel? King of Swords (reversed) – ?

How does this relationship work on an physical level? Page of Cups – we embrace each other and the possibilities. There is trust and attraction.

How does this relationship work on a mental level? How do our values and ideas align? Ten of Swords (reversed) – we are moving on from the past, releasing burdens, pain and memories in order to move forward into our future.

I’m not sure where the King of Swords (reversed) fits into emotional compatibility so if anyone could help with that I’d be grateful!


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