Connecting to Divine Feminine

Advice for connecting to the divine feminine?

I know I’m meant to embody the Queen of Cups and the Empress most of the time – with a dash of the Queen of Wands. Those are the cards my tarot always choose to represent me in my readings.

But I am constantly blocking my own energy and resisting the feminine side of myself. I feel drained of motivation and depressed and empty and frustrated a lot. I’ve addressed it on the external and biological levels. I know what remains is spiritual.

I will go through phases when I’m really fired up and tuned in. But then something will knock me out of alignment with myself and I can’t get back to “me”. And I feel irritable all the time, but only when confronted with those feminine things – my art, my household, my children (the guilt of not being in a nurturing mood), the call of nature and feeling like I don’t have time for it…

I’m fine at work. I’m fine away from home. I’m fine by myself. Doing other things… I feel like there’s just a resistance to the feminine eve though that’s where I’m meant to be and WANT TO BE, but it’s hard and idk why….


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