Could use a fresh set of eyes/fresh brain to help me figure quick reading I did out!

So I decided to pull some cards about a connection I have (maybe had?) with a guy I went out with a few times earlier this year. Things kinda fell apart- he admitted to sabotaging himself out of fear of things falling apart. We've kind of kept in touch and tried to see one another a few times, but things have just not been the same. I asked three questions of my deck:

  1. What am I not seeing or not doing in this connection that I should be? Got Eight of Cups- which I can only assume means turning my back on it/walking away because something's just not there.
  2. What can I focus on to help me on this path? Got the Wheel of Fortune, which kind of confused me. I am admittedly a total control freak, so I think it's just telling me to let go and let the Universe take over on this journey? I pulled another card to try and get some clarification and got The Chariot, which I assume was my deck's way of confirming that line of thought.
  3. What is the likely outcome of this path? This is where I am so lost- The Lovers. Probably the absolute LAST card I would have expected. I know this isn't always signifying a romantic relationship with another person, but it's hard for my brain not to immediately go there, especially in a reading about myself and another person. I'm not sure I should have since I maybe was getting a little close to muddying the reading but I drew another couple cards for some clarification- first was the Two of Swords, and then the Hierophant. I'm familiar with both of these cards but just having a hard time looping all three together- if I even should at all.

Here's a picture of the reading just in case.

Either way this feels like a pretty positive reading- I've just been chewing on that Lovers and am not sure what to make of it. I've been pretty ready to walk away from this connection and know it'll be the right step no matter what the outcome. Should I just pretend I didn't draw the Two of Swords and Hierophant and just stick with the reading otherwise? Gaah!

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