Court Cards: Physical Characteristics

in the past, it was customary in tarot to use the court faces as significator cards, determining the appropriate significator by matching physical features: notably, hair color and eye color.

for obvious reasons, this tradition is considered passe and has been retired for some time. still, I think there is merit in knowing the symbolism associated with these features, and I believe readers can assign significator cards using affinity in place of physical likeness:

  • complexion – innate temperament
  • hair color – personality, humour
  • eye color – disposition, perspective

Physical Characteristics:

(these are the traditional characteristics)

WANDS COURT – suit of fire

  • light/"pale" complexion
  • auburn/red hair
  • rich, green eyes

SWORDS COURT – suit of air

  • medium/"olive" complexion
  • brown hair
  • light, grey eyes

CUPS COURT – suit of water

  • fair complexion
  • blonde hair
  • deep, blue eyes

COINS COURT – suit of earth

  • deep complexion
  • black hair
  • dark, brown eyes

thanks for reading this post! I look forward to discussing this further in the comment section!

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