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A spread about today. What will guide me, what will I experience and what must I learn. Five of Cups, The Hermit and Two of Swords. I feel like the Five of Cups tells me that I'm again caught in a circle of negative thoughts, dwelling on the past events, not focusing on what I have left and an overall feeling of disappointment. With The Hermit, I will experience solitude, inner searching, reflecting on my feelings related to the 5 of Cups maybe. With 2 of Swords suggesting me what must I learn today, I would see myself caught in the middle (maybe between 5 of Cups and The Hermit), I must learn to choose between two things, although they're both not appealing to me. Maybe I need to take my blindfold off and and face my emotions and challenges of today. What do you guys think? Any other interpretation or insight is welcomed. I'm a little confused about the lesson that the Two of Swords is trying to teach me. Thank you so much!

Deck is ,,The fountain tarot” by Jonathan Saiz https://imgur.com/gallery/BIVKwNH

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