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I have been doing a daily reading every morning when time permits to practice tarot and ground myself. It's been a lovely tradition and has brought me a lot of clarity. Today I just did a four-card spread, based on a spread I saw someone post here. I used Sonia Lazo's Rainbow Tarot for the reading. I'm feeling a bit confused about the daily reading I drew today so I thought I would get a second opinion.

My Interpretation:

1.What is today's overall energy? – Two of swords

I have a Monday off this week and this has been my first weekend to breathe and relax in a long time. I feel a big temptation to not do anything and just rest, however there is still a lot I need to get done (in paticular cleaning my apartment and getting exercise) I feel like this card is telling me that I need to balance these two energies today. I don't exactly need to be a drill sargent but I shouldn't be a slug either.

  1. What energy should I avoid today? – Knight of Cups

    This card is the one I'm having the hardest time interpreting. I have been getting a lot of cups in this spot a lot recently (in particular Ace of cups). I feel like this might be telling me to avoid leaning too much into my emotions today and to lean into my intellectual and logical sides more. It also may be telling me to avoid thinking about future partners or romantic ties (which is interesting because I'm not actively dating right now)

  2. What energy should I welcome today? – The High Priestess

This card is telling me that today is a good day to listen to my intuition and do what feels right. It is also telling me to welcome moments of rest and relaxation. I feel like this is kinda conflicting with the energy of the Knight of Cups. Like The HP is telling me to "feel" and the KOC is telling me not too? Would love some more thoughts on this!

  1. What my higher self wants me to know – Eight of Swords

I've been really struggling with anxiety lately (getting the moon and nine of swords in a lot of readings) so this card is telling me a message that I myself am trying to get into my own head. My anxieties are often false, and I'm restricting myself with these false thoughts. I need to ground myself, listen to my intuition, and let this guide me out of my own delusion.

Let me know what you think! Thank you to all that read and leave their thoughts.


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