Death, 3 of swords, 9 of wands, king of swords, Ace of wands lovers as what to expect?

I asked my cards what should I expect from their name if I asked them out? I’m using the rws deck and no spread in particular. I pulled ; Death, 3 of swords, 9 of wands, King of swords, Ace of cups, lovers, 7 of cups, 4 of cups, Strength, 2 of cups.

Lovers; There’s a lot of innocence to the love, with the lovers.

7 of cups; I think she might have a lot of suitors, or is popular.

9 of wands; i wasn’t too sure about this card and it kind of confused me. I understand it means perseverance but I don’t understand still.

king of swords;, I’m coming off as quite stern and serious. High strung and intellectual.

4 of cups; I think even if I ask her out, she might not take me too seriously at first with the 4c.

I do think there is potential for a relationship at the end of the day though, with strength and 2c. These cards together tells me that by showing confidence, there is a union or partnership as a potential outcome.

Death and 3s are telling me that I’m worried that she may never talk to me again. 3s is about anxiety and heartbreak, death is an ending leading to change (scorpio energy, a change in my friendship with her).

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