Death inspired spread

So I recently did a 4 question spread based on the death card using my RWS deck. The questions and cards I drew were:

  1. What in my life do I need to let go of? Nine of wands reversed

  2. How can I fully let go and accept this? 3 of cups reversed

  3. What lesson will this teach me? 3 of pentacles reversed

  4. What will take the place of what I let go? Ace of pentacles reversed – when I initially put this card down it started spinning so I didnt know whether to read it upright or rx. It makes more sense upright. I pulled clarifies which were: 2 pentacles and the 6 of wands

Under the deck was the 3 of swords

I'm a bit confused on card 1. Am I being asked to let go of my defenses or is this speaking to a lack of boundaries?

As for the other cards, I've had to cut off close friendships because I wasn't feeling support. It felt as though I gave more than what I got to people who may not have had my best interest. This is what I'm feeling the 3 of cups reversed is getting at. The 3 of pentacles reversed may be teaching me how to be more discerning about who I choose to let in, friendships or even work wise. I don't know what to make of the ace, mainly because it came out spinning.

Would love some insight and second opinions. Thanks!

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