Decided to go back to school so I did a reading to see if this is a good path for me

Every day witch tarot.. by Deborah Blake

I did do a spread earlier asking about a different career switch.. but after some introspection and talking to a career guidance person at the university.. I feel like my heart is set on going for a Diploma in Administrative Professional as I have been told that almost all graduates get hired from their practicum assignment. I found this career spread on the internet and decided to go with it

  1. Is this career cut out for you? — Nine of Cups — Yes I am. I will be successful in this career and will do well for myself. It is a good fit for me.
  2. Challenges ahead — Six of Pentacles — Probably means financial struggles as I will need funds to pay for the diploma and cover my expenses (rent/internet/phone/food) until I am able to complete the training/studies and are able to re enter the work force again
  3. What needs more focus? — The Empress — I need to focus on building more human connections? Focus on success? The end goal? Dont really know how to interpret this one.
  4. What should you avoid doing? — Five of Pentacles — Avoid running away then things feel difficult.. because I have always understood RWS imagery for this card to be that the group is fleeing something and is going to the church where they will get help
  5. Strength you possess for the job — Two of Wands — Can see the big picture and work towards the end goal
  6. How can you progress or advance here? — King of Wands — Believe in myself because I have the skills and expertise necessary
  7. Who might help you progress?– Queen of Wands — I think this means a mentor will come in my life later on, because there is nobody in my life currently who could be referred to here
  8. Likely Outcome — Seven of Cups — Multiple paths will open and there will be options to choose from

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