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I've been practicing tarot for nearly 3 years now. Recently, I acquired my second deck after starting as a beginner with the Rider-Waite deck. I had never felt a strong connection with my first deck, and immediately clicked with the new one, so I was excited. I never did an "introduction" spread with my first deck, because as a beginner, I didn't know about them. For kicks, I did one now right after I interviewed my new deck (Golden Tarot of Klimt, a very positive reading of our relationship).

When I asked my RWS deck what its personality was, I drew the 9 of Swords, which I interpreted as meaning it is anxious, fearful and distressed. When I asked what it required of me, I drew the Tower- which I thought meant the deck requires me to go through a drastic and painful transformation. When I asked what the deck had to give, I drew the Devil, so deception and temptation. There were some other questions but these were the three most concerning to me, and I drew them all in a row. Is there any way to mend this relationship or put a positive spin on this reading?

Obviously it's ultimately just a deck of cards, but it doesn't feel right to me. I had never felt close to this deck, but now I wonder if I should continue using it at all. I was planning to give both decks a moon bath tonight but I don't know if that even matters at this point. It seems like if all this deck has to offer is deception, I should stick to my new one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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