Deck Interview spread – The Dreamkeepers Tarot (Liz Huston)

I have a lot of decks, but have not done a deck interview spread with any of them. I decided to try it out with my latest acquisition, The Dreamkeepers Tarot by Liz Huston. I think the results were pretty interesting… I'm interested in others' interpretations, too!

  1. What is this deck's most important characteristic?Nine of Pentacles
    Guidance toward self-acceptance, and personal fulfillment and satisfaction with the present (the current state of affairs).
  2. What are this deck's strengths?The Emperor
    Providing context and clarity to life's situations, grounded in eternal philosophical principles and truths.
  3. What are this deck's limits?The Devil
    Potential to corrupt perspective, assumptions, and understandings, particularly with overuse.
  4. What will this deck teach me?Eight of Swords
    Opening up new perspectives, solutions, and perceptions; bringing attention to self-made mental prisons and traps.
  5. How can I best learn & collaborate with this deck?The Lovers
    Hone intuition and connection to the unconscious and subconscious mind, and be willing to be open and honest with myself.
  6. What is the potential outcome of my relationship with this deck?Page of Swords
    Uncensored, objective truth, and clearer identification of illusions and deceptions on the part of others.

P.S. This is a super awesome deck so far! I was drawn to it from photos of some of the cards (on the Amazon listing, of course), and it did not disappoint – the artist/author does a great job of capturing the sort of internal conflicts and emotional upheavals women deal with throughout our lives.

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