Deck not making sense anymore

Title says it: I’m new to tarot and this is my first deck…when I got my deck I was getting solid reads. Everything made sense, and I did a couple reads for someone else and everything seemed spot on.

I went about a week where every single time I did a reading for myself I was getting the same cards, every time. Didn’t matter how I shuffled or cut the deck I kept getting the same things.

Now every time I do a reading it seems all mixed up. It seems like everything is backwards (not like reversed cards but the meanings themselves). I did a reading on self compassion and all the things that were supposed to be indicating strengths were all overwhelmingly negative.

Does this happen sometimes? I’ve heard that certain people and decks don’t mesh well, or that sometimes you just can’t get a good read off one deck but that another one will connect with you, but has anyone seen this where it suddenly just stops making sense?

Side note: I don’t know how valid this is but I’ve heard from someone that you shouldn’t buy your own deck (which I did). I am using a classic White deck if that makes any difference.

I’m really new to all of this and would appreciate any input. Is it possible that it got tired of telling me the same thing and is now trying to say “you already know what you need to” and that it’s done answering for a while?

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