Deck Review: Tarot of the Drowning World

I recently purchased the Tarot of the Drowning World and I have to say it was worth the money! It's full name is: Fledermus Workshop presents Doctor Falke's Tarot of the Drowning World: An augury deck in the style of the Tarot de Marseille by Mssrs. Falke & Orlofsky (copyright: Kahn & Selesnick).

Some important things to note:
This is a deck in the Marseilles tradition and a pip deck, so if you're still learning to read the Minor Arcana this is not the best deck for beginners. The print of the card names is very small and is in French, but the deck comes with a card that provides English translations for every card.

Paper/Size: This is a big deck – the cards are large and narrow and have a glossy, semi-matte finish. They shuffle well but are very slippery, so watch out for flying cards! I have small hands so I often drop cards while shuffling, but I think this will improve the more I handle the cards.

Insubordinate Arcana:
In addition to the Major and Minor Arcana this deck also has 5 Insubordinate Arcana: Dr. Falke (Disguise); Madame Lulu (Knowledge); Orlofsky (Madness); La Reveur (The Dreamer); and L'Homme Perdu (The Drowning Man). I do include these cards in the deck when doing readings on my own. I like to use this deck for really deep questions or to partner with others decks when I'm doing a longer reading. Currently I partner the Radiant RWS and Starman Tarots with this deck.

Artwork: The artwork is gorgeous and very, very detailed. If you enjoy decks that feature old photography and multiple layers of detail then you may enjoy this deck. I would say it's comparable to the Starman Tarot in terms of level of detail and symbolism.

Final Thoughts: If you're looking for a deck that contains multiple levels of rich details and are comfortable using the Marseille system, I say go for it and purchase this deck. This is my "wild card" deck and I really love it. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners or using for reading for others unless you're very comfortable with the deck.

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