Designing my own deck!


Hard getting a draft started because I know the first draft needs to be quick, simple and messy 😂 that’s not me!

My ocd and the way my brain works is contradicting so on one hand; my brain wants to do one card at a time and perfect it before moving to the next. The other hand; my brain tells me to pick a random card other wise I’ll procrastinate.

Feb 2021, I decided to just yolo and go for it. I drew a random card, it was “The Tower”. I completed that, but never attempted another card since.

Yesterday I finally decided it’s time to try again & work hard at getting it started at the very least. So I’ve decided that I’ll organise my decks in order, and start with the fool, then end the deck with a King from the 4th suit I choose.

I haven’t posted any photos yet but might in future 😊

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